Fluffy persian garden began in 2004 with the purchase of a Red Persian male named
Erich . We quickly added 2 Tortoiseshell Persian girlsIndigo &
Splendor and that was our beginnings. Still to this date, we still have lines descending back to one of our
original girls, Indigo Rainbow. A beloved and sentimental line that produces easy going sweet dispositions.
We later added Whites “Our Speciality” to our solid breeding program and have also bred Silver, Smoke,
Bi-Color & Calico Persians. I am an avid Line-Chaser researching our cats ancestry, keeping our bloodlines
as pure and healthy as possible. I am proud To be able to take our bloodlines back to the very beginnings
of the cat fancy in the late 1800’s. I have a large collection of Yearbooks and old out of print historical
Studbooks from various long lost registries.

The fluffy is for the nature of our cats and the garden, is for our large garden where our cats and other pet mostly play. We have 2 grown children, Tom, Michael. We do enjoy life other than cats as well,
Sewing, reading, camping, gardening, family historical research.
We take extreme pride and joy in raising our babies. Born in our hands, our babies are showered with love and attention and will come to you spoiled and demanding lots of love from you. Our babies are sure to give you years of happiness, purrs and kisses.
All of our cats receive excellent vet care including exams and vaccinations as needed. Our adults are FELV/FIV negative and have either tested PKD negative or come from PKD free lines (parents have been tested). Our cattery is ringworm, flea and tick free.
At High Desert Persians we strive to produce healthy, happy well socialized kittens that will make the purr-fect addition to any family, whether coming to you as a pet or show/breeder kitten.


All our kittens are Pet/Show Quality kittens
Breeding Quality:

Breeding kittens – $1,000-$2,400 Breeder Quality kittens have perfect markings, we only offer Breeder Quality kittens to small catteries that are registered with TICA. Breeding Quality kitten deposit is $800.
Getting Your Kitten

Option 1: You may Pick-up the kitten from my Our Cattery. Please bring a
pet carrier to transport the kitten safely back to your home.
Option 2: I can meet You at an agreed upon location with the kitten within 35 miles from my location. Please bring a pet carrier to transport the kitten safely back to your home.
Both options 1 and 2 would carry A deposit fee which varies per kitten and Is non refundable. Make sure you notify us 3 days before your Visit.
Option 3:
Kitten will be shipped to your nearest airport via one of the reliable pet shipping companies we have been working with.
Available to anyone within the United States which includes the pre-flight vet check required by the airline. Kittens that are shipped will arrive in a new carrier with a cat bed that is yours to keep. A hand book With more details on how to care for your Kittens.
What’s included with your kitten:

A 2 year health guarantee in the form of a contract to be signed by both myself and kitten purchaser.
Kitten will be neutered or spayed before go home date.
Kitten would have receive its first and second FVRCP vaccines.
Kitten will be dewormed.
Kitten will be microchipped.
A welcome bag from our cattery that includes free cat bed, catnip spray, food samples, toys, and kitten information.
TICA registration form will be provided.
If requested, CFA registration form will be provided.
Our kittens are ready to go when they are 11-12 wks old. We have the right to cancel any adoption agreement at any time in the best interest of our kittens and if a deposit was given, it will be refunded.

We accept Cashapp, Paypal, Google Pay, and Zelle for payment. Our babies are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. You are welcome to contact us and let me know what you are looking for and I can let you know what I have ahead of time before they are posted.